XQ You

Creating Happiness and Wellness Going Way Beyond Business

Creating more self-aware, happy, and productive people is our mission. When you’ve been coaching and training large organizations for long enough you begin to see some patterns. One of the biggest questions we’d always get is, “can we please do something just for me,” or “can we please include my family in your assessments?” After a while, we really began to take notice that so many people have a desire to grow on the inside, but don’t know where to start. That was the inspiration behind “XQ You.”

Focus Areas

  • Psychogenetics
  • Self-awareness training
  • Releasing of Limiting Beliefs
  • Releasing Non-Beneficial Patterns of Behavior
  • Couples Training
  • Student Training Programs (Grade School – College)
  • Finding Your Passion
  • Entrepreneurship and Building your First Business

Life is Better When You're Happy

XQ You goes beyond business. It’s about personal wellness and effectiveness. This is not an ordinary coaching service – our goal is to achieve true, authentic contentment and well-being. Whether working with individuals, couples, or groups, the purpose of XQ You is to unlock the limiting beliefs that have held you back in life. Maybe you’re doing very well in so many areas, but one aspect of life keeps bringing you down. Perhaps you’ve gone through major changes and don’t know where to go next. We can help.

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Achieve Personal Growth

Our experts in psychology, epigenetics, and neuroscience can release problematic patterns that have been weighing you down.  They will enable you to be bigger than any personal challenge you face.  Most important of all, this is a place of zero judgement, blame, or criticism.  Its an environment that fosters growth and increase way beyond just time and money.

If things have gotten a bit stagnant in life, or you achieved huge milestones and wonder “whats next,” ask us about the XQ You program and how it can benefit you.  This might just bring about the transformational change you’ve been looking for.


Find Out Your XQ Factor Now

At XQ Innovation our belief is that success in business is predictable. Our mission is to help organizations of all sizes turn every employee into a star performer. We view every human being in your organization as a human treasure. We unlock the science of the human mind in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. We bring unique strategies to our clients, all through the lens of innovation. Everything we do is focused around the people in your organization.

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