Increasing Topline Revenue Through
Strategic Alignment

About Noritz
Noritz is the world’s largest manufacturer of tankless water heaters with over 11,000 employees worldwide. Since introducing the first modern, electrically controlled tankless heaters in 1981, Noritz America Corporation has been a leader in energy savings and hot water delivery.

Noritz America Corporation hired XQ Innovation a few years ago to help meet the demands of their growth and expansion plans. The main goal of working with XQ Innovation was to improve topline revenue by designing and architecting a new “Strategic Alignment”.

Strategic Misalignment of Company Growth Goals

“To achieve our aggressive topline revenue increase, we knew we had to create a fully engaged multi-cultural and multi-generational workforce that could effectively adopt the learning organization’s concepts and philosophies that would be aligned with our strategy.”

Noritz needed to establish a synergistic and cohesive atmosphere that would promote teamwork and unity among the company.

The Approach

XQ collaborated with the Senior Staff at Noritz to create an actionable and implementable strategy. By designing a synergistic and cohesive atmosphere, the company could promote teamwork and unity throughout the organization.  To identify the core competencies of each area of the organization, individual and team debriefs were conducted, and the leadership and management team’s job behaviors, motivators, soft competencies and emotional intelligence were assessed and evaluated. A review of job descriptions enabled the team to better understand how each role would contribute to the success of the alignment strategy. Adhering to needs uncovered during discovery, XQ custom-designed training curriculums for Noritz and the team put together a new-hire assessment program to ensure an efficient, productive work culture.

Noritz sought to meet revenue goals in order to execute on their strategy.

The biggest surprise was how much our employees enjoyed the entire program.

Jay Hassel, President of Noritz America


The Solution

After the initial investigation period, XQ crafted comprehensive and costume-tailored solutions for Noritz, based on both the organizations needs and overall goals. Customized training curriculums included:

Client Testimonial


The Results

The results exceeded expectations. Almost immediately, Noritz broke all sales records, a trend that has continued to date. The organization now maintains a multi-cultural/multi-generational workforce that is fully engaged, and enjoys a collaborative and synergistic atmosphere. Servant leadership concept was adopted and Noritz has become a team-focused “learning organization”. Since the company’s transformation, even internal members have been promoted to sensitive positions matching the personalities and acumen of the individuals, which has results in a large positive impact.


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