Creativity and Innovation

Change what you're thinking to change what you're getting.

Break through the old ways of thinking and create transformational change that will keep you ahead of your competition. XQ helps companies identify strengths and weaknesses within the creative thinking process within your team and as a whole. Making it easier to see performance increases and improve the quality culture within a workplace are long-term ROI generating investments.


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Finding New Ways to Improve

Creativity and Innovation are very different things, but they go hand-in-hand.  While creativity is coming up with something that hasn’t been done before, innovation takes what you already have and makes it better in some way.  Both creators and innovators have one thing in common: they have a different way of thinking.

The aim of our creativity and innovation program is to create a shift in the mindset of your most powerful decision-makers, but also the teams and people who report to them.  If you’ve been looking for different results, the old adage is “if you want to change what you’re getting, you’ve got to change what you’re doing.” At XQ Innovation, we’ve learned that if you want to change what you’re doing, you have to change how you’re thinking.


  • Creativity and Innovation Workshops
  • Axiology Training
  • Staying Ahead of the Pace of Change
  • Thinking Creatively
  • Creating a “Learning Organization”
  • People Innovation
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A Data-Driven Understanding of The Creative Business Mind

Using the latest assessment research in psychology and axiology, we’re able to take the “creative temperature” of your team and create a specific roadmap to foster a new approach to confounding business challenges.

Our curriculum consist of up to 90 units, and here are just a few:

  • Why is creativity so hard?
  • How senior executives can impact innovation
  • Managing for Creativity vs. Routine Management
  • Anticipatory Changes vs. Reactive Changes
  • Possible Reactions to a Proposed Change
  • Eight-Stage Approach to Leading Change
  • Identifying Causes to Difficult Problems
  • Recognized vs. Unrecognized Need for Change


Helping brands know how to stay ahead, and manage all aspects of the growth of a company.

  • Real-time Employee Performance Reporting
  • Ongoing Creative Thinking Development
  • Mindset Development Unique to Each Employee

Our goal for developing this new mindset is to create a learning company that is proactive and nimble throughout all levels.  Teams and individuals will contribute to the company’s overall strategy and become more forward-thinking.

Whether you’re an established brand or new business and you’re tired of the same outcomes, our creativity and innovation can be the catalyst you need.  Whether you’re growing or business has stagnated, always remember: a single good idea, executed properly, can transform your organization.


Find Out Your XQ Factor Now

At XQ Innovation our belief is that success in business is predictable. Our mission is to help organizations of all sizes turn every employee into a star performer. We view every human being in your organization as a human treasure. We unlock the science of the human mind in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. We bring unique strategies to our clients, all through the lens of innovation. Everything we do is focused around the people in your organization.

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