Putting the Human Back in HR

Creating a synergistic environment where most people can thrive has long been the competitive advantage only the most successful companies enjoy.  To many, creating this atmosphere has been elusive and challenging.  Using a multi-prong approach, we transform the idea of human capital into human treasures.  

By helping you implement the repeatable and scientifically validated approach of RTMM (recruit, train, motivate, and maintain), we support your team by benchmarking each position in the company, creating or enhancing training programs, and designing systems for continued employee engagement and productivity.


Human Resources Strategy

Building a complete strategy is critical to knowing what type of people you need to be to successful. We’ll help you identify the best-fit profiles for each position, and develop a plan around building those individuals into a team.



XQ Innovation works with companies all over the United States to find and place talented and well-rounded professionals perfectly suited for your needs and culture. We assess and train skilled executives seeking high value careers in finance, technology, sales, marketing, healthcare and other key industries. People are everything to a business, and we know people.


New Hire Assessments & Interviews

We use the XQ System to learn the behaviors, motivators and strengths of any candidate you’re considering, and even screen early candidates on your behalf to ensure they fit your needs. Spend less time sifting through resumes, and more time meeting the people who want to join your company.


New Hire Training

Onboarding new hires can be one of the most costly aspects of running a business, so the sooner your employees understand their role, the sooner they can contribute. We’ll carry them through their first 6 months to ensure the success of each new hire.


Find Out Your XQ Factor Now

At XQ Innovation our belief is that success in business is predictable. Our mission is to help organizations of all sizes turn every employee into a star performer. We view every human being in your organization as a human treasure, and unlock the science of the human mind in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. We bring unique strategies to our clients, all through the lens of innovation. Everything we do is focused around the people in your organization.

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