Creating a Success-Driven Culture Through Harmony

About Trencore & Brix

Trencore & Brix is a successful Plastering and Masonry company catering to large builders for over 18 years in Orange County, CA. The company has been involved in projects for both commercial and residential construction, and strives to uphold values of hard work, resilience, perseverance, determination, trust and compassion.

Organizational restructuring resulting in changes in leadership style

Managing a company with over 400 employees has many challenges. Organizational efficiency, people management, and overall company harmony are components that large businesses like Trencore & Brix constantly strive for. The leaders at Trencore & Brix were in a stage of transition and important structural changes were being to the executive roles within the company. The company knew that they needed to take the proper steps to manage their employees to create a smooth transition for changes in leadership style. The priority was to maintain stability and ensure that all their employees felt cared for, and to continue providing a highly harmonious, yet success-driven environment throughout the process.

The Approach

XQ’s philosophies perfectly aligned with a “people first” concept, which meant that great things could be achieved at Trencore & Brix with a harmonious culture. To accomplish the organization’s goal of harmony, the transformation needed to begin from top down. The leadership was assessed through a series of online surveys. From here, a “people strategy” was implemented to bring about the cultural change incrementally.

To accomplish the organization’s goal of harmony, the transformation needed to begin from top down.


The Solution

A complete and comprehensive personality assessment was performed and Trencore & Brix’s key performance indicators were identified. XQ coached and trained the leadership team according to specific and targeted needs.


The Results

Since working with XQ’s team of advisors, Trencore & Brix experienced unprecedented growth in all aspects of the organization. Revenue increased significantly. After the transformation, employees reported that they enjoyed coming to work everyday. Turnover rate was minimized and the company attracted and knowledge of Trencore & Brix’s culture change spread throughout the industry. As a result, the company recruited other highly qualified employees from the industry.

Increase in Revenue
1 %


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