Case Study How Plas-Ties Improved Profits by Working on EQ

About Plas-Ties

Plas-Ties is the maker of the Tie-Matic HD twist tying machine with XL2 and XL-4 twist tying  machines versions for larger industrial markets. Plas-Ties customers use the machines for hoses, cord sets, cables, gift baskets, plants and more.

The company recently delved into the Automation Industry with the programmable XLS machine. Capable of tying delicate, loose, fast and variable ties, the XLS marks a new era for Plas-Ties in its endeavor to discover and assist companies and their out-of-the-box packaging requirements.

As the California-based manufacturer grows past 50 years in the business, it still maintains its stance as a manufacturer of high-quality twist tying machinery, servicing the US & worldwide.  

Personal Problems Negatively Impacting Productivity

Like many organizations that have been in business for decades, the first step to growth is often a phase of stagnation where employees and executives can find themselves locked into routines, employees get complacent in their positions and the business can run into issues of plateauing sales, internal discourse, and sometimes even internal conflict.

Plas-Ties recognized that they had hit this phase and needed to address internal personnel conflicts that were less about the core functions of the business operations, and more about a small, focused problem with personal relationships between fresh hires and veteran employees. 

These personal conflicts were negatively impacting productivity, causing toxicity among specific members of the team and impeding the progress of high-potential new hires who knew that change was required to move the business forward.

The Approach

In our discovery phase, XQ Innovation realized there was one person in the sales organization at Plas-Ties that needed special focus. This sales leader had been setting the tone in the department for years, and the negative impacts on the team had become acutely apparent. To approach a solution, we started with an EQ (Emotional Intelligence) test, and behavioral assessments including a deeper look into the sales leader’s motivators.

When a key leader displays a lack of Emotional Intelligence resulting in outbursts, the impact can be felt through the entire organization.

A specific training program

The Solution

When a key leader displays a lack of Emotional Intelligence resulting in outbursts, and unproductive communication with direct reports, the impact can be felt through the entire organization. For Plas-Ties, the implications for employee morale, engagement, and eventually turnaround were too important to ignore. Through our testing and evaluation of the problem sales leader, XQ Innovations was able to recommend an EQ training program to get things back on track.

The Results

Plas-Ties experienced important tangible and intangible results from working with XQ on training and assessments for its sales staff. The sales leader who struggled with EQ made incredible improvements that rippled through the entire organization, boosting morale and productivity. His EQ results went up 30% within 6 months. Being better equipped to communicate and handle tough issues made important impacts for Plas-Ties Business. In fact, after working with XQ, the company had its 2nd best year in its 54 year history.

Sales Increase from Previous Year
1 %
Improvement in Bottom Line Profit
1 %
Best Year in Company History
2 nd


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