Tips on How to be an Empathetic Leader

Tips on How to be an Empathetic Leader

2020 is a year that will go into history books having being disrupted COVID-19. However, thriving even amid this storm is the desire of every business leader. As the workplaces continue to change gradually and as a leader, you must deliver to your level best. Empathy should be on your priority list, being the leader in your style of leadership. According to Forbes’s research, almost 96% of employees have confirmed that they would like to continue serving in their jobs if their leader has shown some level of empathy. On the other hand, some CEOs feel their employees feel their organization is empathetic, which is traced to about 92%. Besides, it is about 50% of these employees find their CEO empathetic.

We understand that you are challenged as a leader, and you desire to make meaningful changes in your leadership style to show more empathy to your staff. How do you show or increase your empathy as a leader to stand out in your leadership style and make a difference in your workplace? Here are some of the crucial tips on how to achieve this.


At XQ innovation, we believed that your business success is pegged on your leader’s transparency. Being the team leader, ensure that you let your team know whom they work for. Once you do this, you will encourage transparency in your leadership, which will be reciprocated by your team. Upholding the core values as you carry on with your daily duties in the organization is a milestone for a leader. Owning up the mistakes and listening to your employees who might have complained about your leadership will help you show empathy in your leadership.

Better Communication Culture

Communication plays a big role in company growth. Giving your employees a chance to express their views and understanding them will help them open up; thus, you can get more engagement from them. Creating easy access for your employees makes you an empathetic leader, and you can learn more about their daily struggles.

DISC-Style-Team Evaluation

Understanding your team will be a great opportunity to relate with them. Bridging the communication gap using behavioral assessments makes you understand the team, and they will also understand themselves and other team players.

Boost Employees Engagement

The future of your organization will be tied to your employees. Engaging them will be the right ticket to getting better performance. According to research, engaging the employees translates to about 34% profit loss, and you should try to avoid such a scenario. Being the leader, you must consider the genuine interest of your team and their well-being.

Encourage the Team to Maintain Work and Life Balance

As an empathetic leader, you should learn to appreciate that your team needs to work to live but not live to work. If you are keen on checking on what your team needs, you will be boosting loyalty.

XQ Innovations will help your organization, regardless of the size, to understand better the team and people you depend on.

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