Am I an Introvert, Extrovert, Or Ambivert?

Am I An Introvert Extrovert or Ambivert

Types of Personalities:

Learning more about yourself can be a powerful tool. However, one must undergo a personality assessment to know which category is perfect. In this article, we delve into three types of personalities- introvert, extrovert, and ambiverts. Go through the article and discover who you are.


Extroverts thrive in social environments as they love to interact with others. It is the reason why they are flawless in presentation skill set and public engagement. In the workplace, they develop skills such as leadership, diplomacy, and persuasion.

Extroverts also lack some skill set that does not come to them naturally. These skills include self-management, effectiveness, analytical problem-solving, and written communication. Extroverts are not good with planning but are doers. Therefore, it can be a conflicting factor when they are interacting with a team.


Introverts are more focused on their internal world and enjoy being alone. Therefore, an introvert does not love socializing and networking. Consequently, introverts like to stay in their comfort zone, and they will only get out of it when pushed. Introverts are naturally curious, analytical problem solvers, and tend to be continuous learners.

They manage their time and work efficiently and are trustworthy members during any teamwork project. Since they prefer to stay alone, they do not perform well in customer service and public speaking. These people also tend to focus on a smaller circle. Therefore, networking and presenting in large groups is uncomfortable for them.


Ambiverts naturally regulate their behavior and adapt to diverse situations. They have the qualities of both introverts and extroverts. They are in their comfort zone when they are keeping their peace. They feel good when helping others and enjoy interacting, especially when the conversation is purposeful. They love spending time alone as well.

They are emphatic and can understand others easily. Therefore, ambiverts are efficient when solving conflicts. Additionally, they can also lead others without discrimination.

Ambiverts possess skills in diplomacy and negotiation as they are great observers and listeners. Ambiverts are not perfect as they lack task-oriented skills and may fail to excel in sales and customer service. They also struggle with personal effectiveness as they tend to focus more on others than themselves.

How do Extroverts, Introverts, and Ambiverts Succeed?

No matter the type of personality that an individual possesses, they need to focus more on improving themselves by working on their weak points. Young people should have a mentor. It should be a professional who will guide them on how to maintain and improve their personality.

Hire the services of XQ Innovation as they will use motivators, behavioral styles, and soft skills to enhance your personality. The XQ Innovation company uses intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, and personality traits to create synergy in the workplace. This company develops strategies to enhance one’s personality and make them productive at work. XQ innovation helps you identify the skill set to cultivate. Consequently, you will discover what you require to develop further. Therefore, you will highlight the expertise that you need to focus on to achieve all your goals.

Discover Who You Are

The type of personality you possess can help establish the kind of person you are and determine how people interact with you. If you keep to yourself, people may be afraid to approach you this can affect your self-esteem. Being sociable is encouraged, but individuals should avoid overbearing behavior. You should always strive to strike a balance if you want to be an approachable person that other teammates can consult. Finally, it is essential to use your personality to suit your needs and those of others.

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